Harriet Teare

Harriet is a multidisciplinary researcher interested in the future of healthcare, in a system that focuses on health rather than disease management. She originally trained as a chemist at the University of Oxford, before embarking on a career at the interface between research and policy, first at Cancer Research UK, then as an empirical researcher, then Deputy Director, at the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) (University of Oxford), and most recently as a Research Leader at RAND Europe (an independent not-for-profit research organisation). Her research explores how new technologies make health more accessible, while ensuring no one gets left behind.

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Maria Weikum

Maria completed her PhD in Physics in the UK and Germany, where she investigated how to make particle accelerators more compact and therefore accessible to new applications and users. Since then, she has worked as a project manager on international science collaborations and as a researcher developer supporting the work culture and career opportunities for early career researchers. 
Maria is passionate about connecting science with policy and decision-making and is excited to see what opportunities her involvement with Homeward Bound will create towards this goal.

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Sharon Pfleger

Sharon is a Public Health Specialist focussing on the use of pharmaceuticals at a population level and works in the national health service (NHS) in Scotland. She holds a degree in Pharmacy, a Master of Public Health and a Diploma in Business Administration as well as an adult teaching qualification. She is passionate about pills, potions, people and the planet. She is currently helping get the world back to normal as Programme Lead for the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme planning how to deliver 600,000 vaccinations across the most remote and rural health board in the UK in NHS Highland. Her portfolio includes trying to minimise the impact of pharmaceuticals on the environment and developing sustainable healthcare.
She is co-founder of the One Health Breakthrough Partnership, a unique multi-sector collaboration whose vision is to have a non-toxic Highland. She is an Associate of the Environmental Research Institute of the Highlands and Islands University and for the last 20 years has encouraged young women in STEMM through various teaching roles in The Robert Gordon University and the University of Nottingham.
In her spare time Sharon love exploring nature with her dogs.
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Clare Bond

Clare is an Earth Scientist interested in how the Earth works. Her research focuses on mountain building and how the Earth’s crust deforms as a result of natural and anthropogenic processes. She is a director of Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage, and currently advises and works on several Net Zero projects linking across the academic, industry, policy interface. 
Other research interests are investigating uncertainties and human biases in subjective data interpretation and links between society and science. She is excited to be part of TeamHB6, working to promote women in STEMM and their active leadership in making positive World change.

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Stephanie Ordonez

Stephanie is a mechanical engineer interested in developing sustainable solutions to meet our growing energy demands. Her line of research is focused on the offshore renewable energy sector and particularly, undertaking experimental research in marine energy converters to analyse performance and dynamic loading. She is a member of the technical committees of the European Wave and Tidal Energy (EWTEC) and the Pan-American Marine Energy Conferences (PAMEC). 
She encourages young females to study STEMM areas through her involvement in the US-Mexico foundation initiative “Mujeres líderes en STEAM”. She enjoys walking her two dachshunds, wild swimming and running.

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Ximena Aguilar Vega

Ximena has just graduated from an MSc degree in Antarctic Sciences with a Glaciology specialisation at the University of Magallanes. She will be starting her PhD at the University of Stirling this year to continue her research in Bio-optics applied to the dynamics between glaciers and the ocean, and the role these systems play in the carbon cycle in polar regions.
She has participated in two Antarctic scientific expeditions (2019 and 2020) led by the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH), and she travelled to Antarctica with NASA’s IceBridge mission in 2018. Ximena is also a photographer; she deeply believes in the synergy between science and art as an infallible tool for climate change awareness.

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Wendy Pring

Wendy is a bold, strategic & solution focused leader with a belief in growth through purpose led business models. She is passionate about gender balance, circular waste & sustainable economically viable communities and thrives on making connections, providing solutions & lowering our carbon footprint. Wendy is also skilled in business strategy, planning, & change management, and is driven to help business across all sectors achieve Net Zero.

An experienced Chartered Civil Engineer with a career in the waste sector, Wendy's eye for detail provides a unique problem solving, whole system approach to circular waste.

As a business provider, Wendy believes in transparency and as a business leader, she believes in equality, profit through purpose & inclusive growth.

Founder of The Way Forward 2045 ; Enterprise Fellow at the Hunter Centre at Strathclyde University; Chair of South of Scotland Regional Committee & board member at Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI); STEM ambassador & Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) ambassador.

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Maya Beano

Maya grew up in Jordan and obtained her bachelor’s and master’s in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. After specialising in medicinal chemistry and graduating in 2013, she worked on the safety of novel medicines for over five years before she became a science communications manager at the global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.
Maya mentors young students in STEMM as part of an organisation she co-founded in London, the Equilateral Foundation. In her free time, she enjoys photography - her photography has been featured in international press and exhibited worldwide.

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